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An Ode To Crafters

An Ode To Crafters written by David Balfour.

Many thanks, David.

There's a gang that go round the Country

Like nomads cast into the night,

With soap, some jewellery and flower pots

It is certainly colourful and bright.

Sometimes there's a cast of a hundred

But mostly there are only a few,

And it makes it really exciting

When you all meet somebody new.

There are turners, card makers and honey

There are knitters that make baby clothes,

We are really a big happy family

But how we started, God only knows.

There are venues from Penrith to Perthshire

In halls that are usually cold,

Or sometimes we are left to the elements

No wonder we are all feeling old.

Sometimes the scenery is quite lovely

Till you're put in a dirty marquee,

But then, it's all really worth it

When wee girls come and sit on your knee.

That's Emily and Hannah from Hightae

A small village that's set in Dumfries,

Where the natives are all very friendly

And the atmosphere always spells peace.

The object is to make plenty money

But usually that does not work out,

For no matter your plans or ambitions,

They always go right up the spout.

So what makes us want to continue

Is it desire or maybe just greed,

But I think we will go on forever

Or maybe we will just drop down Deed.

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